Song mixing

What are you looking for in your mix? Once we can determine what needs to be done, then we will go to task in sculpting a punchy and dynamic mix for you. We mix in the box using a variety of Waves plug-in's and signal processors to give you a finished final mix that you will be proud of. Our mix rates are $150 per completed song and we will give you a total of 4 mix revisions upon request.

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The easiest way to send music files is through either dropbox or wesendit. Once we have received your files, we will notify you either through text or email, and confirm everything is there. At that point, the rest is up to us, and we will mix your song, and send you a file to make sure your happy. We will do up to 4 mix revisions for every mix we do. Once you're happy, we will send you the final bounced down mix in your preferred file format, and email it to you.