Remote Drum tracks per song

Need drum tracks for you next project? Send me your instrumental mix of your track, and I will add drums to it, and then send you the bounced down drum files. That easy. I can provide my clients with raw unprocessed wav files of the individual drum tracks or give you a more "mix ready" drum sound with processed sound via a stereo wav file. My drum processing involves phase aligning the individual tracks and then I add individual eq, compression, saturation to taste, along with group and parallel processing for the best result. My clients love my drum sound, and I know you will too.

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Delivery Options:



Please email me your mp3 music file(s) to and I will send a reply email, to confirm I have received your track. Please be aware that turn around time on drum tracks can vary, seeing that I will need to listen and learn the arrangement first, and then proceed to crafting a drum performance for your song. Typically I can learn the arrangement within a day, and then tracking takes half a day, and mixing half a day. Then I must export files and send them to you via wesendit. 

The whole process can take up to 3-4 days from when you send me the music, till we can deliver the drum tracks to you. Also please specify if your want us to deliver individual raw audio files of the drums with no processing, or if you would like us to mix them so that you can import a stereo wav file ( a stem) into your mix. 

if you have any questions please ask before buying, that way we can discuss the logistics involved in this service. Thanks.