Custom Drum samples


We have two incredible sample pack to offer our clients wanting fresh drum samples. The 1st sample pack is called: CAJON. This cajon/percussion sample pack is great for acoustic/singer songwriter mixes, when you need a more organic touch. Includes djembe and various clap samples, along with table hits, and other elements such as cymbal swells. The 2nd sample pack is called ADORO. This sample pack was professionally sampled from a beautiful German Adoro drumkit with Aegian cymbals. This sample pack also includes room mic sounds so you can get even more creative with your drum productions.

  • Category: Drums

Price:$50 $15

DRUM Samples packs:



Drum samples will be either sent to you via or shipped to you via a custom USB dongle! Expect 2-3 days shipping in the US for the dongle.