Artist Consultaion

Need to talk to a producer about your upcoming project? At Tap N Tune we offer professional advice or consultation before beginning your project. Yes, we are here for you. We offer this service to our clients so that we can determine the scope and vision of your project, and offer specific advice and services related to it. We understand that every project is unique, therefore we designed this consultation service as way in which to discover the creative goals with respect to the uniqueness of the vision of the artist. By taking into account these details, the producer is able to offer keen advice and therefore effectively strategize with the Artist, in order to reach a mutual understanding so that both the artist and producer feels confident about the project moving forward. We want you to succeed with your next project, and we are here to offer solutions in order to make your musical dream a reality with Tap N Tune productions.

  • Category: Production




All artist consultations will be done remotely over skype or facetime. During this time the artist is encouraged to ask the producer questions regarding their project, and also get specific advice from the producer. Typically the producer will evaluate the project and make determinations based on these questions:

-What is the budget for the project?
-What kind of artist is being recorded?
-How many songs to be produced?
-How many tracks for each song?
-Is this a live recording?
-Will the artist need additional studio musicians?
-What is the overall goal for the project?

These questions will help the producer get an understanding of the project as well as give general and specific information about the production process moving forward.